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La Corona c.1950s



One of the finest cigars ever made in the United States.

First created in 1845 by factory owner Jose Cabargas, the La Corona brand was eventually acquired by Manuel Lopez, owner of La Vencedora cigar factory on Galiano Street in Havana, Cuba. In 1889, La Corona was purchased again, this time from the British Havana Cigar and Tobacco Facotires Ltd. and then by the American Tobacco Company, popularly known as the “Tobacco Trust.” The American Tobacco Company began producing La Corona cigars in Trenton, New Jersey with imported leaves from Cuba.

One of the finest “Clear Havana” blends to come out of the United States, La Corona Petit Coronas c.1950's embody the rich history of the cigar industry. Maintained with care and preserved perfectly in the original packaging this blend calls back to the heydays of the American-made, Cuban-grown cigars. Mellowed over the years, this timeless blend reveals subtle nuances of cedar, oak, and nuts to this day. A (4.7”x44) vitola boasting ornate box designs, these are a true treasure to behold. Cream and spice can be uncovered towards the final third of this legendary line making for an experience you won't soon forget.

Sublimes (Corona) (4.7"x40)
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