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Dominican Republic
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Dominican,  Nicaraguan


From the 1st Tabacalera in the DR.

La Aurora cigars are the Dominican of choice for many enthusiasts. One of the world's most-storied cigar brands, they've been producing premiums for public enjoyment since 1903. Today, La Aurora cigars are still made in the DR; rolled at one of the island's largest tabacaleras. This century of experience results in La Aurora's releases to be of the utmost quality and consistency.

La Aurora Maduro is ideal for those in search of a mellow to medium-bodied handmade that has a dark wrapper and the deep flavor profile that maduro blends beget. This cigar has it all, with an easy-smoking character and pleasant aroma. A brand like La Aurora does not survive 100+ years in the cigar industry without good reason and yet, year after year, their cigars are top-sellers. Taste one today and see why!

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Bristol Especial Maduro
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Only 1 Left
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In Stock
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Alex Christmas Wish List
Super-premium all the way baby. La Aurora is one of the oldest brands in the Dominican and their Preferidos blends are some of the best to leave the country. They’re handmade by La Aurora’s best rollers, in a separate room, heck, a separate building for that matter, making Preferidos La Aurora’s finest gem. If you hand this cigar to someone and they don’t like it, tell them to call me... I’ll set them straight.
Test of Time
From the oldest factory in the Dominican comes this classic Cameroon wrapped cigar. Long before Fuente, there was La Aurora. If I had to pick one cigar to smoke for the rest of my life, this very well may be it. Close to perfect - mellow to medium in body, flawless construction, and a consistent nutty/sweet character. This cigar is an old stand by for me, and possibly a new favorite for you!
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