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The Revival of Andullo

La Aurora originated in the Dominican Republic over a hundred years ago in 1903, making them one of the oldest cigar brands still operating today. Who better to revive one of the oldest forms of curing tobacco, a process called Andullo, than La Aurora? The Andullo technique starts by harvesting only the upper middle and top leaves of a tobacco plant, leaves containing the strongest flavors and body. These leaves are then wrapped tightly into pods, and cured together – leaves, rib, and all. After curing, the leaves are then wrapped in palm leaves and wrapped tightly with rope, left to ferment in a breathable, cold-state, creating an oil rich leaf ready for rolling.

The lengthy Andullo process requires over a year of work to produce a flavor rich tobacco that is altogether luxurious. The La Aurora AND Dominicano is a full bodied cigar featuring a tri-country blend of fillers, making this ultra-premium pure bliss. Notes of cinnamon, cedar, and cacao, blend effortlessly with hints of sweetness. The ADN is a ’90’ rated blend that features the best of heritage and technique. 

Churchill (7.0"x47)
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Gran Toro (Gordo) (6.0"x58)
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Toro (5.7"x54)
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