Humi-Care Turbo Humidifier



Power up with ease.

Humi-Care is a familiar name when it comes to humidification devices. Offering an array of large humidification units to hygrometers and crystal gel beads, Humi-Care has it all. With a reputation that ensures durable and reliable devices, Humi-Care brings another success to your humidor with the Humi-Care Turbo.

Humi-Care Turbo is an electronic humidifier designed for your desktop or mid-sized humidors. Accommodating up to a 100-capacity humidor, Humi-Care Turbo features a calibration adjustment to ensure proper function at all times, an internal, rechargeable battery, and a ribbon cable cord that maintains the seal when you are ready to plug in and power up this humidification device. Simply mount this device to your humidor's lid and you're ready to go. Get all the ease with the reliable, durable Humi-Care Turbo.  

Humi-Care Turbo Humidifier
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