Hammer + Sickle Tradición



A tradition worth beginning.

*Pack of 5 cigars - no box*

The Hammer + Sickle symbolism is not a homage to the old Soviet Union, but rather pays tribute to both the agricultural - with the sickle, and industrial - with the hammer, means required to produce a handmade cigar. Hammer + Sickle cigars are quickly gaining a dedicated following and have received universal praise among cigar publications.

Hammer + Sickle Tradición navigates the fine line between mellow and medium-bodied cigars, managing to capture the best of both worlds. Hailing from the legendary Tabadom factory in the Dominican Republic, this blend is dressed in a silky five year old Connecticut Shade wrapper sitting atop a blend of hand-selected three year old Dominican long-leaves. Flavors abound with nuances of subtle pepper, cream, citrus, and leather that never teeter out of balance, and deliver a complex experience.

Cigar Aficionado #11 Cigar of 2015 — '94' Rated

Toro (6.0"x50)
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