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H. Upmann c.1950s



Pre-1960 H. Upmann's made in Havana, Cuba.

Still produced in Cuba today, H. Upmann is a pre-revolution brand of expensive premium cigars that was established in 1844. Among the oldest cigar brands in the industry, H. Upmann is credited with numerous innovative packaging inventions including the cedar cigar box.

H. Upmann was a favorite of President John F. Kennedy throughout the 1950s. So much that the night before the Cuban embargo was signed in 1960, he had his aide procure every box of H. Upmann Petit Upmann's he could find from tobacconists which totaled 1,200 cigars. We were ecstatic to have acquired a full box of pre-1960 H. Upmann Coronas Minor. The rare, vintage cigars in tubos have been properly aging, and have not been opened since they were first produced in Havana, Cuba over half a century ago. These nostalgic vintage H. Upmann's are what cigar enthusiasts only dream about so we're proud to have the ability to offer such a rare item.

Coronas (5.6"x42)
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