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Like Thick Cuts of Steak, the Flavor is in the Fat.

An industry icon, Gurkha is known for its use of rare, aged tobaccos across its enormous portfolio of blends. And while the sheer volume of Gurkha's offerings can be overwhelming to some, to many it is like Pandora's Box, a never ending source of seriously good cigars. Not a company to stop pushing the conventions of what's 'normal' in the industry, here's a new sampler featuring FIVE of their fan-favorites blends, all in gigantic, 6.0"x66 gordo grande sizes.

The Gurkha 6"x66 Collection provides 15 plump premiums, including Widow Maker, Black Dragon, and Rogue Armageddon, among others. With a boat-load of big-rings, each guaranteed to provide a super-slow, cool-burning experience with maximum flavor throughout, this is the set to choose if your motto is "The Bigger, The Better!" Save some room in your humidor, you're gonna need it!

Gurkha 6"x66 Collection contains:
3 x Gurkha Beauty (6.0"x66)
3 x Gurkha Beast (6.0"x66)
3 x Gurkha Widow Maker (6.0"x66)
3 x Gurkha Black Dragon (6.0"x66)
3 x Gurkha Rogue Armageddon (6.0"x66)

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Gurkha 6"x66 Collection
15 Cigars
$466.50 | save $396.51 | 85% off
In Stock
In Stock
$466.50 | save $396.51 | 85% off

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