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Gurkha has established itself as a premier brand with cigars that are second to none. Gurkha XO X8 Selection is a prime example of EIGHT of their finest blends, each featured in a BIG, 6.0"x60 XO Gordo size. This sampler will have you grinning from ear to ear with its near perfect variety of various blends that run the gamut of wrapper types, strength levels, and flavor profiles. 

Gurkha XO X8 Selection contains:
1 x Gurkha Black Beauty XO (6.0"x60)
1 x Gurkha Beauty XO (6.0"x60)
1 x Gurkha Legend Vintage 2001 XO (6.0"x60)
1 x Gurkha Status Connecticut XO (6.0"x60)
1 x Gurkha Titan XO (6.0"x60)
1 x Gurkha Centurian XO (6.0"x60)
1 x Gurkha Beast XO (6.0"x60)
1 x Gurkha Widow Maker Maduro XO (6.0"x60)

Gurkha XO X8 Selection
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