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Limited edition Gurkha's for less.

Take home five different top-selling Gurkha blends from one of the biggest brands in the industry—all in a limited edition 6.25”x56 box-pressed vitola. From rare tobaccos to unique cigars you can enjoy, get your Gurkha fix right here with this 20-cigar sampler featuring top-tier blends like Beast, Beauty, Titan, and more all at one low price.

Gurkha Sultan Box-Pressed Collection contains:
4 x Gurkha Centurian Sultan BP (6.25”x56)
4 x Gurkha Warlord Sultan BP (6.25”x56)
4 x Gurkha Beast Sultan BP (6.25”x56)
4 x Gurkha Titan Sultan BP (6.25”x56)
4 x Gurkha Beauty Sultan BP (6.25”x56)

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Gurkha Sultan Box-Pressed Collection
$410.00 | save $340.01 | 83% off
In Stock
In Stock
$410.00 | save $340.01 | 83% off

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