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Gordo, Toro
Ecuador Habano
Has Tip


One of the most sought after Gurkha releases to date.

Released at the 2012 IPCPR cigar trade show, Gurkha Red Witch cigars showcase Dominican binders with Ecuadorian Rosado Habano wrappers, all concealing 3-year-aged Nicaraguan Jalapa long leaves. They're also box-pressed for good measure.

Gurkha cigars: one of the most extravagant and popular brands in the industry. When nothing less than the best will do, aficionados everywhere look to Gurkha. For years Gurkha has been the choice cigar among the elite, from business executives to royalty. They have been commissioned by some of the biggest names to make the world's finest cigars from the best tobaccos.

In typical Gurkha fashion, Red Witch does not disappoint. Wrapped with an Ecuadorian Rosado Habano wrapper, this beauty comes chock full of flavor. Notes of espresso, black pepper, and earth combine for a delectable medium-bodied blend that comes in a sleek box-pressed shape. The balance is unparalleled, and is a testament to the well-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos that line the inside of this mouth-watering cigar.

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Toro (6.0"x54)
Pack of 5
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XO (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
In Stock
In Stock
Pack of 5
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Dave Season Of The Witch
Rothchild (6.0”x54): Medium-bodied with more earth presented than spice. A touch of espresso reveals itself on the exhale while the blend burns even and true from head to foot due to its box-pressed shape. A great blend for any enthusiast. 89/100 [Buy Now]

Robusto (5.0”x52):
Quite similar to the late Gurkha Regent if you're familiar with that blend. Offers a smoother charater than the big rothchild but the cigar doesn't perform as well with a box-pressed 52 ring. The draw is a bit tight, the smoke a bit hot, and the flavor a bit more raw. However, it's still smooth and elegant while pushing the limits of medium-bodied. 88/100 [Buy Now]

XO (6.0”x60):
For those who like others to bask in their cigar smoke. This size expels a ton of thick, creamy smoke that fills your entire personal space with a hearty aroma of earth and pepper. The finish remains rich and bold with many competing notes of espresso and spice. What's ncie about this XO is although its a 6.0"x60, the cigar was so well-blended that the flavor profile doesn't change much.
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