Gurkha Private Select Abuelo



Ultra-fermented, extremely rare Gurkhas.

Taste the difference that quality leaf selection paired with the right infusion can make. Private Select Abuelo is at once flavorful, exciting, and gorgeously presented. It's yet another big win out of the Gurkha camp.

Often referred to as “the Rolls Royce of the cigar industry,” Gurkha cigars are simultaneously over-the-top opulent and just right. Brand owner Kaizad Hansotia combines high-end packaging with premium vintage tobacco leaves for an overall look and feel that's next to impossible to replicate. For this reason, Gurkha boasts some of the most sought-after cigars in the industry, and they are even responsible for the creation of the most expensive cigar in the world, His Majesty's Reserve.

Gurkha Private Select Abuelo is certainly unique. The high-end, meticulously selected tobacco leaves are exquisite to begin with, but then things get even better. Each leaf is gently infused with 7-year-aged Ron Abuelo rum for a taste that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. This medium-bodied handmade boasts notes of leather and earth alongside rich, savory moments of coffee, nuts, and even a toffee-like sweetness. It's also well-balanced and complex. Each one is presented tastefully in a glass tube that's topped with melted red wax, and makes a nice contrast to the dark maduro wrapper leaf. For an infused cigar, this one's as classy as they come.

Churchill (7.2"x52)
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Toro (6.0"x50)
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