Gurkha Maduro '58' Collection


Mega Maduro.

Gurkha has earned prestige worldwide with over-the-top yet elegant packaging, one-of-a-kind blends, and notoriously monstrous MSRPs, not to mention absolutely delicious cigars. Several times a year, a deal comes along that allows the unrestrained destruction of said MSRPs and lowers the price to a more manageable amount. With the Gurkha Maduro '58' Collection you can take home SIX DIFFERENT fan-favorite Gurkhas—each sporting dark Maduro wrappers, all in chunky, 5"x58 vitolas. Get your Gurkha fix right here, right now with this mondo-medley of 24 cigars featuring best-selling blends like Beast, Black Beauty, AND MORE!

Gurkha Maduro '58' Collection contains:
4 x Gurkha Legend Vintage 2001 (5.0"x58)
4 x Gurkha Doble Maduro (5.0"x58)
4 x Gurkha Black Beauty (5.0"x58)
4 x Gurkha Beast (5.0"x58)
4 x Gurkha Titan (5.0"x58)
4 x Gurkha Black Dragon (5.0"x58)

Gurkha Maduro '58' Collection
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