Gurkha Crest



Many consider Crest the best Gurkha you can get.

One of Gurkha's more prestigious and expensive offerings, Gurkha Crest delivers a deluge of flavor with some finesse and flair, certain to impress any palate.

K. Hansotia, the founder/owner/CEO of Gurkha purchases only the finest tobaccos available, and demands that any/all cigars made with these often unique, often extra-aged, always high quality crops possess impeccable craftsmanship, as style is of as much importance to Hansotia as substance. When you get a Gurkha, he wants you to know it by look, feel, and taste. The great majority of Gurkha blends are small batch, only being released once a year, twice at most, and in limited quantities.

One of the most requested Gurkha blends, Crest sports a US Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper leaf around a core of well-aged, but still potent Nicaraguan tobaccos. These vintage crops are aged a minimum of 8-years, combining with the dark Broadleaf to create a complex flavor profile that's equal parts stimulating and satisfying. Always an elegant experience, Crest consistently provides a savory, meaty character that's a bit bold, but beautifully balanced as well. Expect great things from this toasty, medium to full-bodied Maduro.

XO (Gordo) (6.0"x60)
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