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A 5-Star Assortment.

As one of the highest-quality cigars on the market, Graycliff is created specifically for the 5-star Graycliff hotel in the Bahamas. Founded by Avelino Lara, the creator of the well-known Cohiba brand, comes this outstanding, all-in-one, hefty collection. With the Graycliff Ultimate Collection, you have the finest cigars at your fingertips, exuding with elegance from first puff to last. Appreciate the finer things and get your hands on this Graycliff assortment today.

Graycliff Ultimate Collection contains:
4 x Graycliff Profesionale Series PG (5.2”x50)
4 x Graycliff Double Espresso Series (4.5”x54)
4 x Graycliff Original Series PG (5.2”x50)
4 x Graycliff 30-Year Vintage PG (5.2”x50)
4 x Graycliff 10-Year Vintage Maduro PG (5.2”x50)

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Graycliff Ultimate Collection
20 Cigars
$370.00 | save $270.01 | 73% off
Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock
$370.00 | save $270.01 | 73% off

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