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God of Fire Serie Aniversario



A savory and subtly rich blend from Fuente.

God of Fire is named for Prometheus, the Titan who had the temerity to steal fire from Zeus and give it to mankind. Arturo Fuente God of Fire cigars are extremely limited in release and production, and have become some of the rarest and most widely collected and prized treasures among aficionados.

God of Fire Serie Aniversario is dressed in an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper concealing a long-leaf blend of premium Dominican tobaccos. The extremely limited-edition cigar is mellow to medium-bodied, and features a plethora of flavors including nuts and cream with some floral notes. This blend is perfectly balanced, pleasingly complex, and is a subtle, refreshing cigar meant to be savored. 

54 (Salomon) (7.5"x54)
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56 (Salomon) (6.5"x56)
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60 (Salomon) (5.5"x60)
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