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We work tirelessly to find the best deals for enthusiasts everywhere, and the Elite 10-Pack Mystery Taster may be one of our most unique yet advantageous offers. Here at our home office & humidor, we assemble A LOT of samplers, packs, promos, gift sets & such, with much of their contents coming from nearly every major manufacturer, and many not so well-known. Customer demand can differ from day to day, and that's A-OK. After all, who wants to eat the same lunch every day? Anyway, in order to keep offers interesting, we scour our inventory and handpick big-name brands, small-batch boutiques, and price protected super-premiums and pack them up in convenient collections so you can sample a premium gar or several, before buying a box, and you better believe for a better per stick price, too, We're sometimes spot on when it comes to our production estimates, but there are instances where we have a few too many extras. Whether overstock that won't fit in its allotted spot or, like the situation now, to allow incoming new releases room to breathe, the abundance of excess samplers & sets has to be addressed. Unfortunately, under modern-day pricing policies enforced by some vendors, come time to price their products to move, our hands are tied... until now.

That’s where the Elite 10-Pack Mystery Taster comes into play. It’s comprised of 10 high-end cigars from well-know industry all-stars like Drew Estate, Rocky Patel, Don Pepin, Partagas, and AJ Fernandez, plus burgeoning brands like Warped, Caldwell, Fratello, and many, many, MANY more. The specific brands included in every Mystery Taster 10-Pack are a complete unknown up until delivery, along with the size, wrapper, profile & strength of each cigar they contain. Customers have commented at how fun & affordable these Mystery Tasters make things, and while we agree not knowing exactly what you'll receive is rare, rest-assured reorders are revving up. The Elite 10-Pack Mystery Taster is total hit! Elite Mystery Taster 10-Pack
10 Cigars
$85.20 | save $35.21 | 41% off
$85.20 | save $35.21 | 41% off
In Stock
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