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The King Kong of Infused Flavors and Aromas.

Known around the world as a truly innovative brand with a packed portfolio of incredibly flavorful blends, Drew Estate has become industry standard among enthusiasts looking for an aromatic alternate to the everyday cigar. Each premium is made with only the best Nicaraguan tobaccos and undergoes a unique infusion process which imparts a rich, unique flavor that you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Drew Estate Infused Sampler is a 10-cigar set offering up FIVE different highly aromatic and undeniably delicious Drew Estate blends that have become all-time alternates for those looking for something apart from the norm. This incredible selection includes premium handmades from their wildly popular infusion lines. Everything included is anything but traditional, as each blend has been slowly imbued with flavors and aromas, resulting in 10 totally indulgent experiences. 

Drew Estate ACID All-In Assortment I contains:
2 x ACID Blondie (4.0"x38)
2 x ACID Nasty (4.0"x52)
2 x ACID Liquid (5.0"x50)
2 x ACID Nefasto (6.0"x62)
2 x ACID Roam (7.0"x48)

ACID by Drew Estate All-In Assortment I
10 Cigars
$90.14 | save $32.64 | 36% off
$90.14 | save $32.64 | 36% off
In Stock
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