Don Pepin My Father Sampler


A must-get set from the Don himself, Senór García.

My Father is a masterpiece. This full-bodied Nicaraguan blend was named by none other than García's son, Jaime, not just as an obvious homage to his Dad, but also a way to honor all the men out there that make sacrifices everyday in order to provide a better life for their loved ones. This more universal message mustn't be mistaken for a lack of respect from the young man. Actually, as Jaime got more involved in the family business, he began to realize the road his father traveled to get to this point was even longer and bumpier than the elder García ever lead on to. With that in mind, it's now clear My Father has become something bigger than even Jaime could have hoped for, as it not only found the family company now held in high-regard amidst the industry's most elite, but it also helped put Nicaraguan on top in terms of tobacco growing, cigar manufacturing, export volume, not to mention critical acclaim. Claim your piece of the story as this sampler features five cigars in different sizes, one of which was made specifically for this sampler and comes wrapped in a cedar sleeve.

Don Pepin My Father Sampler contains:
1 x My Father No. 1 (5.2"x54)
1 x My Father No. 2 (5.5"x54)
1 x My Father No. 3 (6.0"x49)
1 x My Father No. 5 (6.0"x56)
1 x My Father Cedros Eminentes (5.6"x46)

Don Pepin My Father Sampler
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