Diesel 'The Dagger' Collection New


Cutting through conformity...

Diesel has blazed a path straight through the heart of the industry. Now, claiming its spot atop the boutique blend hierarchy, Diesel is as impressive and unrelenting as ever. See for yourself with 20 of these meticulously crafted, full-flavored premiums made by AJ Fernandez with Diesel 'The Dagger' Collection. With blends like the new Diesel 10th Anniversary, Wicked, and more, this is one assortment that will fit perfectly in your lineup.

Diesel 'The Dagger' Collection contains:
5 x Diesel Wicked Torpedo (6.2"x56)
5 x Diesel 10th Anniversary d.654T (6.0"x54)
5 x Diesel Double Perfecto (6.0"x60)
1 x Diesel Hair of the Dog Unholy Cocktail (5.0'x56)
1 x Diesel Unholy Cocktail (5.0"x56)
1 x Diesel Uncut Unholy Cocktail (5.0"x56)
1 x Diesel Unlimited Maduro Unholy Cocktail (5.0"x56)
1 x Diesel Unlimited Unholy Cocktail (5.0"x56)

Diesel 'The Dagger' Collection
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