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Stylish sampler with flavor to spare.

Since its inception, Diesel has blazed a path all over and right through the cigar industry. First with the groundbreaking Unholy Cocktail, then the Unlimited, followed by several small batch blends like Crucible and Wicked, and most recently the Rage. Unbeknownst to the majority, there are several Diesels that were born during an especially experimental rolling session at AJ Fernandez's tabacalera that, while exceptional in every way, never made it to full distribution. Call these a limited batch of Diesel Unlimited, or as dubbed by it's fervent fans - Diesel Unlimited 'Unseen'. 

Diesel Natural Small-Haul Sampler contains:
2 x Diesel Unlimited d.P Perfecto (5.0”x58)
2 x Diesel Unlimited Flathead Belicoso (6.5”x54)
2 x Diesel Unlimited d.nt Perfecto (6.5”x56)
2 x Diesel Unlimited Large Marge (6.7”x54)
2 x Diesel Unlimited d.10 Perfecto (6.5”x64)
2 x Diesel Unlimited Stout Barber Pole (6.0”x60)

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Diesel Small-Haul Sampler Natural
12 Cigars
$90.00 | save $40.01 | 44% off
Backordered Notify
Backordered Notify
$90.00 | save $40.01 | 44% off

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