Diesel Maduro Small-Haul Sampler


A small-haul with big flavor

The flavor-filled Diesel Unlimited Maduro has been in high demand ever since its release. Sporting a dark, juicy broadleaf maduro wrapper, this full-bodied blend always keeps people coming back for more. Assembled here are 12 Diesel Unlimited Maduro cigars in a variety of shapes and sizes (a few limited edition that you won’t find on our site) so you Diesel fans can choose which one best suits your preference. If you’re a newcomer to the brand, be prepared for a rich blend that will bless your palate with notes of leather, coffee, coco, and spice. This assortment of feisty Diesel Unlimited Maduro’s is sure to provide unlimited enjoyment.

Diesel Small-Haul Sampler Maduro contains:
2 x Diesel Unlimited d.P Perfecto (5.0”x58)
2 x Diesel Unlimited Flathead Belicoso (6.5”x54)
2 x Diesel Unlimited d.nt Perfecto (6.5”x56)
2 x Diesel Unlimited Large Marge (6.7”x54)
2 x Diesel Unlimited d.10 Perfecto (6.5”x64)
2 x Diesel Unlimited Stout Barber Pole (6.0”x60)

Diesel Small-Haul Sampler Maduro
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