Diesel Heart of Darkness



Thump.... Thump....

A best-selling brand that's always pushing the envelope, Diesel delivers in every way. And with their limited-production premium Heart of Darkness, Diesel has done it again!

The first impression is favorable, as you'll find AJ's signature quality construction from head to foot. Next, note how heavy in the hand Heart of Darkness is. Packed plump with thick, lush Ligero long-leaf, these girthy gordos seem to have more mass than other, similarly sized cigars. A statement-maker in both size and substance. once you begin the burn all the richness of the Nicaraguan earth these were born from come full force in flavors like espresso, cashew, and a touch of brown sugar. So starts a most pleasant of experiences, undeniably intense at times, but still a cigar that you can — and likely will — revisit time and time again. Either AJ Fernandez has his rolling fingers firmly on the pulse of present day taste trends, or he simply is the one setting them. Get a few Diesel Heart of Darkness cigars, and get your blood pumping!

Diesel Heart of Darkness (Gordo) (6.0"x58)
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