Diesel 10th Anniversary



Celebrate a Decade of Diesel. 

In honor of its 10th year in business, what does a trend-setter of a brand do? Why, create a taste-maker of a blend, of course. Always pushing the envelope, they deliver the goods in every which way. With their limited-production 10th Anniversary release, AJ Fernandez & Diesel have done it again!

Forged in AJ's world-famous cigar factory in Estelí, Diesel 10th Anniversary is draped by a dark, oily Ecuador Habano Oscuro wrapper. Seldom used in the industry due to the time the leaf takes to properly ferment, AJ was hell-bent on using it above any other option as he felt the Oscuro captured the Diesel character best. While some were concerned, they were reminded this release honors 10 years of going the long way, on the opposite side, over the limit, and past the horizon. Indeed, for a decade, Diesel's been doing things the hard way, so what's a little more time this far down the line?

The first impression is favorable, as you'll find AJ's signature quality construction throughout. Next, note how heavy in the hand the 10th is. Packed perfectly with thick, lush Nicaraguan Ligeros, each of these Anniversary cigars tips the scales without any burn or draw troubles. A statement-maker, the complex flavor profile proves some things do get better with age, as the 10th Anniversary is rich & refined, bold yet balanced. A mature blend, I'd bet this wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for AJ developing so much since he started, not to mention all the tobaccos he now grows himself. The increased influence throughout the whole process makes a difference in every aspect of his newer cigars, and improves upon his older marks as well. But the past is the past, right now it's all about the present and this most pleasant of cigar experiences. Diesel 10th Anniversary is certainly intense at times, as most all Diesel cigars are and will likely always be. But it's so flavorful and fun, once you're done with one, the next will follow sooner than later. 

Churchill (7.0"x48)
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d.5552 (Robusto) (5.5"x52)
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d.654T (Torpedo) (6.0"x54)
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