Diamond Crown



Crowned King of Smooth Dominicans.

Not many companies in any industry have been around for 100 years, but the cigar industry is different, as is the JC Newman Company. Originally founded in the 19th century, Stanford Newman had been overseeing his family's cigar business for nearly a half decade when their 100th anniversary finally loomed. For this centennial celebration, the elder Newman wanted to recognize his family's hard work and give thanks for their good fortunes by creating the smoothest, cleanest, most accessible & universally pleasing blend the company had ever released to the masses. He gave no consideration to cost or time; achieving cigar perfection was the only acceptable outcome. With failure not an option. he knew he needed the best tobacco blender in business. As luck would have it, he found the right man for the job and Diamond Crown was born.

The man he approached was none other than Carlos Fuente, maker of some of the most famous and highly regarded brands in the world including OpusX, Ashton, and Arturo Fuente. After hearing Newman's plan, Fuente agreed to the terms and took to task with focus and fervor. Using the highest-grade tobacco and the most skilled rollers at the factory, Newman's dream became a reality when Diamond Crown debuted in the early '90s. Today, thanks to the families' concerted commitment to quality, the brand is as popular as ever.

Unquestionably the finest mellow to medium-bodied cigar distributed by JC Newman, Diamond Crown features a sleek Connecticut-Shade wrapper. This gorgeous, golden brown leaf secures a selection of five different long-leaves from the Caribbean Basin, Central, and South America. Elegantly balanced, the blend is as crisp & refined as any on the market—past, present, and future. Smacking of subtle sweet notes, Diamond Crown's dense, blue-gray smoke has a silky, liquid-like mouth-feel and pleasant room note. Its core of cashews & fresh bread builds as the cigar burns, and while waves of savory, smooth flavors prime the palate, each puff leaves a clean but extremely creamy finish. 

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