Decatur Pipe Stands


A place to stand.

Constructed with select hardwoods for durability and stunning appeal, Decatur Pipe Stands are bound to become a long-lasting addition to your collection.

1-Pipe Stand: Perfect to place in any space, this pipe stand is made of 100% hardwood.
2-Pipe Stand: With a compact design, this stand can accomodate up to two of your pipes.
3-Pipe Stand: Fluid lines and unique Coyote wood are used for this 3-pipe stand.
4-Pipe Stand: Designed to keep your pipes in place, this stand looks good anywhere.
5-Pipe Stand: Sleek and stylish, this stand effortlessly holds your pipes.
9-Pipe Stand: Made of two-toned Coyote wood, this two-tier stand is perfect.
2-Pipe Rest: Perfect for your desk or tabletop, this pipe rest secures two pipes.
4-Pipe Rest: This low-profile design keeps your pipes safe and sound.
9-Pipe Rotating Stand w/ Tobacco Jar: With a matching wooden tobacco jar in the center, this 9-pipe rotating stand is bound to catch the attention of anyone.

Decatur 2-Pipe Rest
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RestOut Of Stock$30.00
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Decatur 3-Pipe Stand
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Decatur 4-Pipe Rest
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Decatur 4-Pipe Stand
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Decatur 5-Pipe Stand
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Decatur 9-Pipe Stand
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