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Fashion meets functionality...

Davidoff has taken it upon themselves to bring forth a new generation of humidors, and the result is a line of stylish, adaptable and precisely constructed travel humidors. Manufactured in Italy, Davidoff Travel Humidors can carry up to 8 cigars of varying sizes, and each humidor comes already equipped with a Boveda 75% fresh pack to ensure the best conditions for up to 45 days. Coming in two unique styles, Davidoff Travel Humidors will serve as a fine addition to any cigar enthusiasts toolbelt. 

Outdoor - This style embodies an ultramodern and sophisticated look. The materials are comprised of a natural corium recycled leather material that allows for an elegant and more refined look. Equipped with a clasped compartment and cigar storage tray to ensure your premium blends remain healthy, this travel humidor accomplishes style without sacrificing functionality. 

Explorer – Made with a Polyamide/Lycra material, this style remains stain proof, abrasion resistant and is even washable. A magnetic seal ensures humidification while a commodious pocket for storing accessories can be accessed under the sealed compartment. Coming in a subtle navy-blue color, this style will not slow you down. 

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Davidoff Travel Humidors

Davidoff Travel Humidors

Outdoor Grey
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