Davidoff Colorado Claro



A taste of Cuba. 

With a decidedly Cuban flavor profile, Davidoff Colorado Claro cigars stand out from the rest. And since they're also part of a highly exclusive series that's released in small quantities, they're not so easy to come by.

Davidoff cigars are considered some of the best, if not the best cigars in the industry. When it comes to high standards, no one does it like Davidoff. Their commitment to quality is considerably higher than other manufacturers, and they use the most premium, well-aged tobaccos available to create their blends. These cigars are rolled using the most authentic, traditional methods in existence. Each cigar starts with a blend of 4-year-aged tobaccos, carefully selected by Davidoff's experts in the Dominican Republic. From there, these tobaccos are given to only the highest grade cigar rollers, who meticulously construct them before sending them to the aging room at Davidoff's facility in Santiago. They remain there until the various leaves and oils can perfectly marry into a blend worthy of bearing the trademark Davidoff band. There's simply no finer cigar in the world.

The first thing you'll notice about the Colorado Claro is the wrapper, an attractive leaf with a reddish brown coloring and a strong, noticeable taste. Full-flavored and gloriously complex, the spicy and smooth notes mingle perfectly on the palate, delivering a highly enjoyable experience. Don't wait, because Colorado Claro is only available at certain times throughout the year.

Aniversario #3 (Toro) (6.0"x50)
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Double 'R' (Churchill) (7.5"x50)
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Special 'R' (Robusto) (4.9"x50)
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