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Gastronomy – just like the art of cigar blending – are two closely-linked crafts. So when four of the world’s foremost fine dining chefs lent their talent for taste to Davidoff’s cigar creators, unsurprisingly, the result was something from the very top of the flavor spectrum. Focusing on pure ingredients, local sourcing, and sustainability, this third limited-edition features multi-use packaging so nothing is wasted.

Introducing the Davidoff Chef’s Edition 2021: offered in a single Churchill vitola (7.0”x48), it’s the perfect premium for both cigar and gourmet aficionados alike. ACT NOW, as this is a very rare and limited offering.

Featuring four Dominican long-fillers, a Mexican Negro San Andrés Seco binder, and a Hybrid 238 Ecuadorian wrapper, each medium-bodied cigar begins earthy and creamy with hints of pepper before floral and coffee notes appear. The 2021 Chef’s Edition ends cleanly with a chocolate-caramel sweetness and underlying cedar nuances, pairing perfectly overall with a well-aged Highland whisky. Each box is made of organic materials, so the untreated wood lid can double as a serving tray with recesses for drinkware or to hold smoking accessories; the ceramic base can also be repurposed as an elegant ashtray, which holds four cigars securely in its notches.

The Davidoff 2021 Chef’s Edition is a cigar inspired and created by the best palates in the world, so SHOP NOW to form sense memories you can savor for a lifetime.

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Davidoff Chef's Edition 2021 LE

Davidoff Chef's Edition 2021 LE new

Davidoff Chef's Edition 2021 LE (0.0"x0)
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