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Davidoff 9-Cigar Assortment Box


A luxury masterpiece from Davidoff.

The perfect sampler for the most discerning aficionado, this selection from Davidoff includes nine hand-rolled cigars from their Classic, Aniversario, Millennium, Grand Cru, Special and Thousand Series.

Davidoff 9-Cigar Assortment Box contains:
1 x Davidoff Millennium Blend Robusto (5.2"x50)
1 x Davidoff Anniversario No.3 (6.0"x50)
1 x Davidoff Special 'R' (4.9"x50)
1 x Davidoff Special 'T' (6.0"x52)
1 x Davidoff No. 2 (6.0"x38)
1 x Davidoff Short Perfecto (4.9"x52)
1 x Davidoff Grand Cru No. 2 (5.6"x43)
1 x Davidoff 2000 (5.0"x43)
1 x Davidoff 1000 (4.6"x34)

Davidoff 9-Cigar Assortment Box
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