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Dannemann Valenca c.1970



Vintage Brazilian Gems.

Dannemann’s history begins in 1872 when Geraldo Dannemann moved to São Félix, Bahia, Brazil, where he launched his company at just 21-years-old. Dannemann understood that crafting the best cigars meant souring only the best tobaccos, so he collaborated with local farmers and formed a partnership that continues to thrive today. 

Nearly 150 years after its launch, the Dannemann brand continues to thrive, and its vintage cigars are highly sought after not only for its rich flavor but also for their historic value. Made circa 1970, these lanceros were handcrafted by the factory's best rollers, and have been aging since. Secure your Dannemann Valenca cigar, and own a unique piece of cigar history for yourself.

Lancero (Lancero/Panatela) (6.0"x24)
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