Cuesta-Rey Centro Fino



Centro Fino Sun Grown is a robust blend made by the legendary JC Newman family. 

JC Newman is the best in the business. Founded in 1884, for more than a century, they have produced some of the world's best selling cigar brands and have survived the ups and downs of the cigar industry. Today, JC Newman has teamed up with the Fuentes for their cigar production to ensure their quality and tradition will carry on. The Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic is among the most famous, with an esteemed reputation for the best rollers and best tobacco the Dominican Republic has to offer.

Cuesta Rey Centro Fino is medium to full-bodied, full-flavored, and is a perfect line extension to the original Cuesta Rey blend. With aficionados preferring stronger and fuller-flavored cigars, the Newmans took advantage of an Ecuadorian Centro Fino wrapper leaf. Sun grown tobacco grows without the protection of cheese cloths. Leaving these plants exposed to the elements requires more nutrients for a stronger stalk and leaf. This process makes the leaf thicker and more flavorful. Centro Fino combines the quality cigar enthusiasts have come to expect from Cuesta Rey with a fuller-bodied aroma, making this cigar an absolute knockout and must try for sun grown and JC Newman fans alike.

Captiva Tube (Corona) (6.2"x42)
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No. 60 (Toro) (6.0"x50)
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Pyramid No. 9 (6.2"x52)
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Robusto No. 7 (4.5"x50)
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