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Create an optimal environment for your premium cigars with the Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Humidifier. This sleek electronic humidifier was designed to mount on the lid of humidor for when space is tight, but can be laid in the bottom of the humidor just as well. The upgraded technology continuously measures the humidity level of the humidor and then the fan kicks in until your desired setting is reached. Right out of the box, this unit is ready to go, as it comes preset to 70% RH, but can be easily adjusted to your desired level. The new and improved Ultra 3.0 edition also comes equipped with built-in Wi-Fi Capabilities that allow you to check on your humidor with your smart phone (with a Smart Humidor subscription). It also has a flashy new backlit LCD screen that always displays the current humidity and temperature, as well as your humidity settings. This device is sleek and accurate, and will keep your precious cigars in perfect condition – just remember to give it some distilled water once a month.

This device was designed for 50 to 100-ct. capacity humidors, up to 1.5 cubic feet.

Dimensions: (7.0"x2.5"x1.0")

Additional features:

  • Large LCD with back-lit humidity & temperature display 
  • Built-in Smart Humidor (Wi-Fi) technology for remote monitoring & control - (subscription required)
  • Soft-Touch button control 
  • Micro-USB connection with streamlined ribbon cable connection
  • Upgraded foam cartridge, pre-treated for mold prevention
  • Slim, Lid Mounted - Takes up minimal space
  • Provides consistent, maintenance free, long-term humidity control
  • Circulates humidity reaching each cigar equally -No need to rotate cigars
  • Set humidity

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Cigar Oasis - Ultra
$149.00 | save $29.01 | 19% off
$149.00 | save $29.01 | 19% off
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