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A Insane Starter That Will Really Set It Off!

For this very special email deal we’ve taken a few of Gurkha's fan-favorite, mellow-bodied super-premiums, included a torch lighter and easy-action guillotine, and cut the MSRP of the whole set by 80%. This offer is only available to a few lucky customers, and with a limited amount of inventory and time, don’t risk missing out on the best Starter Set we've ever seen! Starter Set V Gurkha Edition contains:
2 x Gurkha Beauty (6.5"x56)
2 x Gurkha Status Churchill (7.2"x50)
2 x Gurkha Elegance Churchill (7.0"x50)
2 x Gurkha Symphony Grand Rothschild (6.5"x55)
1 x Moretti Profile Guillotine Cutter
1 x Colibri Sidewinder Jet Torch Lighter

*Limit of one per customer.

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