CAO Safari Collection


Chase New Tastes from an Exotic Place.

CAO is a brand long known for delivering unique, flavorful cigar experiences. By selecting only the best tobaccos from all over the globe, and blending with it to the beat of their own drum, you just KNOW when you're enjoying a CAO, because it tastes totally different than the norm. Many of their most revered releases utilize especially flavorful tobaccos from small farms in the large South American nation of Brazil. Interested? Please proceed to the CAO Safari Collection, where you can bag 15 of the best blends that boast Brazilian leaf in their recipes. Represented are the ultra-rare Fuma em Corda, '91' rated best-seller Brazilia, and Extreme, whose name speaks for itself. Capture a quantity of CAO Safari Collections in your cart today, and you'll soon be taking a trip with far and away some of the best-tasting cigars made the world wide.

CAO Safari Collection contains:
5 x CAO Fuma em Corda Toro (6.0"x58)
5 x CAO Brazilia Anaconda (8.0"x58)
5 x CAO Extreme Toro (6.0"x52)

CAO Safari Collection
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