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Habano Maduro
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Italian,  Nicaraguan,  Peruvian


'92' rated; this CAO is complex, well-balanced, tasty, & Italian!

Finally, the country best known for its fine wine is also now a contributor to a groundbreaking cigar from CAO. For years, CAO has been a pioneer in the cigar industry, creating some of the trendiest and most highly rated blends to hit the cigar market. Their strategy has appealed greatly to older aficionados and the new generation alike, being the featured cigar at most celebrity awards ceremonies and the choice cigar of most famous musicians, athletes, and celebrities.

CAO Italia is one of the only cigars in the world to include premium Italian leaf in its blend, and it gets its name from the Habano seed, Italian-grown filler tobacco that can be found in each cigar. Prior to the production of this cigar, Italian tobacco was primarily used in machine made cigars because the climate and soil only allowed for a very limited number of premium leaves. This Italian filler is complemented by other Nicaraguan and Peruvian fillers that make this cigar very complex. In staying with the Italian theme, each box features the Italian colors on the outside, paying homage to its origin. If you are tired of “run of the mill” cigars, then this is a must try. CAO Italia has a medium body and a very damp texture that brings out its natural aromas.

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CAO Italia

This item is no longer available for purchase.

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