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Brazilian,  Honduran,  Nicaraguan


Discover Ancient Flavors

CAO is a brand known for being innovative in their quest to deliver an unrivaled and unique cigar experience. Never limiting themselves by convention nor remotely concerned with their contemporaries, CAO continues on, selecting the best tobaccos from all over the globe and blending with it to the beat of their own drum. Their adventurous spirit is set loose with its latest endeavor, Fuma em Corda.

Translated to 'smoke on a rope', Fuma em Corda features dark and redolent Brazilian Arapiraca tobaccos, twisted in long cords and fermented for six months. This ancient method gives the leaf completely unique & intense flavor properties. It's combined with Brazilian Braganca (sustainably farmed in the Amazon Rain Forest), African Cameroon, Nicaraguan, and Honduran long-leaves, then topped with a breathtaking Honduran Corojo wrapper that's as beautiful as it gets. The results are phenomenal - woody, spicy notes w/ leather, sweet breads, and brown sugar, culminating in a long finish which smacks of fruits and cinnamon. Like its uber-popular predecessor Amazon Basin, CAO Fuma em Corda won't be available for long. Pick up a box today and experience the wild flavors of truly exotic tobaccos.

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John Exotic Flavors From CAO

CAO may be one of the most adventurous cigar brands in the business. Its blends take enthusiasts off the beaten path with tobaccos procured in regions not often utilized by most cigar brands. A prime example of this is CAO’s Fuma Em Corda, literally translated to “smoke on a rope.” Named for a process native to Brazil, part of Fuma Em Corda’s blend of long fillers consists of Brazilian Arapiraca tobacco that is twisted into a braid and left to ferment. This tobacco is combined with long fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Brazil, and encased by a Honduran Colorado Oscuro wrapper. 

Something that strikes me as brilliant about this cigar (and all of the cigars in the CAO Amazon Basin Series) is the branding. Each cigar has a rustic appearance with a thin string of bound tobacco replacing the band. I tend to gravitate toward cigars with little details like this, because it shows a real appreciation for the tobaccos used, plus it just looks cool. 

As for the cigar itself, the flavor is as unique as its aesthetic. Notes of espresso, caramel, and black pepper give this medium to full-bodied premium a truly unique profile with exquisite complexity. What’s really unique about this cigar is the fact that you can actually burn through the “band” without any adverse effects, because as mentioned, it’s made of tobacco. 

CAO has definitely cornered the market when it comes to exotic cigars and Fuma Em Corda is a prime example of this. Well-made with flavor to spare, this cigar is an absolute gem that will certainly impress any aficionado looking for something a little different. 

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