CAO Flavours Collection



Taste the Rainbow.

*3 sampler boxes, 18 cigars total*

Founded in 1969, CAO has a rich history in the tobacco industry and they remain successful due to their passion for creating new cigars using unique and rare tobaccos. With so many top-rated traditional blends under their belt, some aficionados may be overlooking their delicious line of premium flavored cigars. Well, until now. Experience everything that CAO Flavours has to offer with this all-inclusive sampler of 18 cigars. Featuring six different blends including Gold Honey and Bella Vanilla among others, each cigar is crafted from high-quality Dominican long-filler, deliciously flavored for a unique experience. Perfect for the everyday flavored fanatic or as a change of pace within the traditional enthusiast’s repertoire, CAO Flavours Collection pleases all.

CAO Flavours Collection of 18 contains: 
3 x Gold Honey Petit Corona (4.0"x38)
3 x Moontrance Petit Corona (4.0"x38)
3 x Bella Vanilla Petit Corona (4.0"x38)
3 x Eileen's Dream Petit Corona (4.0"x38)
3 x Cherrybomb Petit Corona (4.0"x38)
3 x Earth Nectar Petit Corona (4.0"x38)

CAO Flavours Collection
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