CAO Brazilia Gol!



'91' rated; CAO's best-selling blend...

Brazilia is the fuller-bodied side of CAO. Its dark and spicy wrapper makes it very flavorful with a long earthy finish. CAO is the maker of some of the highest rated brands in the world. Previously best known for making pipes, the Nashville based company broke into the cigar industry with authority. The attention they have attracted has not just been from their first rate tobacco either, their concepts and cigar packaging are trendy, appealing to a new generation of cigar smokers.

For years CAO dreamed of a cigar that uses premium Brazilian tobacco, but finding good Brazilian leaf at the end of the cigar boom was not an easy task. At the time Brazilian tobacco was not at the top of its game. However, CAO discovered a beautiful dark wrapper leaf from the coveted Bahia region and the rest is history. After its launch this cigar brought attention back to Brazilian tobacco and essentially was the rebirth of Brazilian cigars in the US cigar market, as other cigar makers flocked to South America in attempt to recreate CAO’s success. The rich Brazilian wrapper gives CAO Brazilia a full-bodied and full-flavored aroma that carries a long and spicy finish. It is a truly unforgettable cigar, and a powerhouse addition to the humidor.

CAO Brazilia Gol! (Gordo) (5.0"x56)
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