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Camacho Pre-Embargo



A little taste of Cuba—legally.

Camacho Pre-Embargo is one of the most unique cigars we carry at This cigar starts with a Vintage 1999 Jamastran Corojo wrapper that finishes a complex filler including authentic Pre-Embargo Cuban tobacco. The aged Cuban tobacco used in this cigar is taken from one of four remaining bales in the world. In its initial tasting by it received a 95, the highest rating we have ever given a cigar!

It has been a long time since we have encountered a cigar of this caliber. In my two decades of cigar smoking this is, without a doubt, one of the finest cigars I have ever had the privilege of smoking. The smooth Pre-Embargo filler is complemented nicely by the complex Corojo wrapper. This wrapper comes from one of the first Corojo crops ever grown outside Cuba and is considered a landmark harvest in the cigar industry. 

The unique taste of this cigar is almost beyond words. Medium-bodied with a rich full flavor, this cigar brings an abundance of flavors to the palate including wood, leather, peat, nuts, and some spiciness. This type of complexity is rarely seen and is constantly sought out by aficionados.  Available only in a 6"x48 sizes, in handsome bi-folding wood boxes of 25, an unfinished foot gives each cigar a nostalgic look that is a reminder of the classic Cuban cigars that were commonplace more than 50 years ago. Sample what may be the finest cigar being made today, and fall in love with a new classic.

Toro (6.0"x48)
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