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Robert Caldwell has been hailed as one of the most innovative premium cigar makers in the industry today — and for good reason, too. His portfolio is full of top-notch blends with perfect balance and immaculate construction — and now a collection of his best have been assembled into one impressive sampler at an equally impressive price.

Each entry is an example of skillful blending and refined flavor, as most received a 90+ rating from the critics. Ranging in body from medium to medium-full, this is the perfect way to experience Robert Caldwell's oeuvre before deciding on which blend(s) ideally suit your palate.  

Get your hands on this impressive collection of Caldwells, and experience refinement at its best!

Each Caldwell Boutique Collection contains:

  • 2 x Long Live the King The Heater (5.7”x46) - '91' rated
  • 2 x The King is Dead Premier (5.5”x50) - '93' rated
  • 2 x Midnight Express Robusto (5.0”x50) - '90' rated
  • 2 x Eastern Standard Corretto (5.0”x50) - '91' rated
  • 2 x Eastern Standard Sungrown (5.0”x50)

Caldwell Boutique Collection

Caldwell Boutique Collection

Caldwell Boutique Collection
10 Cigars
$103.40 | save $23.41 | 23% off
$103.40 | save $23.41 | 23% off
100% satisfaction guaranteed
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