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Bugatti B-1001 Torch Lighter



Attractive and compact, Bugatti delivers again.

The brand that has been making cutting-edge designs for some of the most expensive cars in the world lends their engineering expertise to the world of lighters. The results are exactly what you'd expect: sleek, practical designs with amazing durability. Need further proof? Take a look at the B-1001 Torch. This classic-looking lighter features pin-point twin flames that form a pyramid-like flame that allows brutes like us an unparalleled precision when lighting our cigars. And what high-end lighter would be complete without a cutter? Bugatti B-1001 has you covered with a punch cutter nestled into the bottom of this gorgeous design. Bugatti gives you all the practicality you need and makes it look good in the process.

Bugatti B-1001 Torch Lighter
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