Brick House Fumas Maduro



Mighty Flavor, Maximum Savings.

Brick House Maduro is among JC Newman’s best-selling cigars. This top-notch blend has it all as far as flavor, consistency, and affordability are concerned- and now these gems are getting more affordable with the release of Brick House Fumas Maduro. Often times, cigar rollers have leftover clippings from regular production cigars, so instead of wasting perfectly good tobaccos, they’re recycled into fumas like this. You can expect the same quality consistency, and flavor as regular production Brick House Maduro, but at a price that makes this premium easy on the wallet. Order a bundle of these flavorful premiums today and you’ll likely come back for seconds. 

Gordo (6.0"x60)
Pack of 20In Stock$110.00
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