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Blackstone Panatelas c.1953



Vintage Premiums From a Pioneering Company.

Popular among enthusiasts for almost a century, Blackstone Cigars began as a small operation on Blackstone Street in Boston, Massachusetts under the Bond and Waitt brand. These gems were originally made by hand but adopted the use of machines to increase production after moving its headquarters to Newark, New Jersey in 1919 - a method that a number of American cigar companies adopted within a few years.

Much to the dismay of loyal customers, Blackstone Cigars ultimately folded in 1969, just a few years after relocating to Scranton, Pennsylvania, and its premiums all but disappeared from the market. While the exact blend of this once-popular premium is a mystery, was able to procure a handful of vintage Panatelas that were rolled circa 1953. These vintage premiums have been aging for over 60 years, making them smooth, flavorful, and totally memorable.   

Blackstone Panatelas c.1953 (Lancero/Panatela) (5.2"x38)
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