Big Brand Freshness Combo


Cold temperatures and seasonal outdoor activity can often require more than what your typical unprepared premium is capable of facing without issues arising from low relative humidity & harsh conditions. Here at, we like to provide solutions, and we have a sampler here that is sure to please anyone, anywhere, in most weather this side of a monsoon.

Featuring FOUR of the finest, best-selling, big-name brands around — PUNCH, PARTAGAS, HOYO, & MACANUDO — that won't just survive, but thrive in most any climate. Right now, you can purchase the Power Pack Fresh Seal Assortment for ONLY $79.99 PLUS FREE SHIPPING! In addition to these 24 specially packed premiums, you'll receive the impressive, powerful INSPIRADO Torch at no extra charge.

Power Pack Fresh Seal Assortment contains:
6 x Macanudo Cafe Rothschild (5.5"x50) '90' rated
6 x Partagas Rothschild (5.5"x49) '93' rated
6 x Hoyo Excalibur Robusto (5.5"x50) '92' rated
6 x Punch Robusto (5.5"x52) '92' rated
1 x Macanudo Inspirado Torch Lighter

Valid through 2/17/19

Power Pack Fresh Seal Assortment
24 CigarsIn Stock$174.36