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Rugged cigarillos rolled the way they used to be.

These attractively priced hand-mades are comparable to machine-mades when it comes to cost, but the quality is that of a hand-crafted item. It’s like getting the best of both worlds. Bandidos are made without binders. Instead, filler tobacco is bunched up inside a dark Sumatra wrapper. After that each one gets a sweetened tip, which provides a tasty and smooth experience. These cigars are of good quality—far better than machine-mades—but they are priced right. They’re perfect for relaxed, everyday enjoyment.

When the very first burlap bundle of Bandidos burst on the scene a decade ago, many assumed it was a cheap machine made, or believed it to be a basic Backwoods clone. The doubters couldn't have been more wrong, as it didn't take long until people caught on that this sweet, smooth, & pleasant smelling Sumatra wrapped cigarillo was a higher quality quickie. Mellow yet satisfying, Bandidos mix of classic tobacco nuances with its subtle sweet tip was such a hit, the entire initial production run was gone long before their best beliefs. As sales surpassed even the most optimistic estimates, this unexpected success left the cupboards bare back at the brand's Honduran Home & Factory. Lacking any tobacco far enough through fermentation, the factory foremen were left with few options. After some brief deliberation, the Bandidos brain trust made a key decision that day. They chose patience over a payday, and although they left some significant money on the table at the time, once the 2nd run was ready, the orders rolled right in. In fact, all the delay did was increase demand across the board.

As word spread quick of its old-school cool & new-age calm, the Bandidos legend grew strong. No brand before Bandidos has built up such an allure, aligned just right that a simple sweet cigarillo crosses all social lines, proudly pushes back industry-induced obsessions like ratings, brands, price, & even size. And now, after all is said & done, they're arguably the industry's most popular cigarillo/cheroot cigar.

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Bandidos Smooth n' Sweet (Cigarillos) (4.7"x32)
Pack of 60
$55.00 | save $10.01 | 18% off
$55.00 | save $10.01 | 18% off
In Stock
Pack of 120
$110.00 | save $35.01 | 32% off
$110.00 | save $35.01 | 32% off
In Stock
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