AVO Improvisation LE17



When Passions Collide

AVO cigars is the result of a passion for music and high quality handmade cigars colliding head on. The brand is the brainchild of acclaimed jazz pianist Avo Uvezian, and his cigars have been a mainstay in humidors since breaking out onto the scene 35 years ago. AVO’s newest addition is another prime example of the passion driven quality aficionados have come to expect since day one. 

AVO Improvisation LE17 is the fifth installment in the limited edition Improvisation series. The cigar is comprised of the same Dominican binders and fillers used in AVO’s Syncro Nicaragua, Syncro Nicaragua Fogata, and LE05, and is encased by a peppery Ecuador Habano wrapper. Balanced notes of thick cream and earthy spice dance around the tongue for a performance that will have enthusiasts calling for an encore, however only 2,000 boxes will be available in the United States, so expect a sellout.

Gordo (6.0"x60)
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