Ave Maria Edicion Limitada

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TA-DA... presenting a very limited release from Ave Maria.

Ave Maria is arguably the most exceptional line to ever come out of Nicaragua. Whether you've enjoyed the original Ave, or sprung for the rare Reconquista, you are well aware of the uncompromising quality and elegance of this brand. Behold, here is a special, ultra-limited line that will delight any enthusiast of Ave Maria.

As part of an experimental project, the team at Ave Maria crafted several new blends complimentary to their core lines. Due to several factors, mainly regarding tobacco sourcing and availability, it’s doubtful these unique creations will ever be part of the company’s everyday portfolio. In fact, the remaining inventory we have is likely the last of the lot. But the cigars we have left are fantastic, and considering how few remain in inventory, won't last long. Try a 5-pack, or go with a box, you won’t be disappointed either way. But don't grow too attached, as after these items are sold out, so is your luck.

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