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The complete Ave Maria collection.

Ave Maria is one of the most exceptional premiums we've seen come out of Nicaragua. This phenomenal blend offers a medium to full body with layers of complex aromas. Try every size in the line with this beautifully presented, Ave Maria Sampler Box.

Ave Maria Sampler Box contains:
1 x Ave Maria Charlemagne (7.5"x54)
1 x Ave Maria Barbarossa (7.0"x48)
1 x Ave Maria St. George (6.0"x54)
1 x Ave Maria Knights Templar (6.0"x48)
1 x Ave Maria The Lion (5.5"x55)
1 x Ave Maria Clermont (5.5"x45)
1 x Ave Maria Crusader (5.0"x52)
1 x Ave Maria Ark of the Covenant (4.5"x60)

Ave Maria Sampler Box
Box of 8 Cigars
$73.00 | save $18.01 | 25% off
$73.00 | save $18.01 | 25% off
100% satisfaction guaranteed
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