Ave Maria Reconquista



An elegant, full-bodied, super-premium.

Ave Maria Reconquista is simply one of the finest cigars money can buy. The blend's Brazilian Habano Oscuro wrapper is so limited that at the time of writing this, its the only cigar in the world to feature it. Inside each Reconquista, you'll find some of the finest Nicaraguan leaf known to man. Hailing from Condega, Jalapa, and Estelí — the country's premier growing regions — these long-leaf dark tobaccos set the tone of over-the-top flavor, equal parts powerhouse and nuanced finesse. The finishing touch is a dark, oily, toothy, rich, and perfectly potent Brazilian Habano Oscuro leaf. One of the rarest in the industry, once you put a flame to it, you'll never forget its mouthwatering flavor.

What should you expect with Reconquista? A whirlwind of complex flavors that intermingle with every single one of your taste buds. First, you'll find tons of different, unique spices up front. Then there's toasty, nutty nuances that prime the palate for a smattering of red pepper, dried fruit, and cocoa over a caramelized core. This all combines and primes the palate for the long, smooth finish. Spicy, sweet, and everything in-between, Reconquista is a rewarding blend in every sense, totally mesmerizing. Taking complexity to a whole new level, many Reconquista enthusiasts attest to having a slightly different, unique experience with each one you light up. Just as enjoyable, just.... slightly different every time. Last thing before we go smoke one ourselves... If we had to recommend only one cigar—the classic, hypothetical 'deserted on an island' option—we'd suggest Ave Maria Reconquista without hesitation. Yes, it's THAT good.

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