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The All and Mighty Ave...

With the goal to deliver exceptionally constructed cigars that possess the very essence of classic Cubans in both flavor and strength, Ave Maria has become well versed in the realm of premium cigars, offering a variety of unique premiums to both enthusiasts and aficionados alike. The most recent addition is the compilation of masterpieces by Ave Maria with this 35-cigar sampler. With a range of profiles suited for every palate, this collection will have you head over foot with a variety of flavors and complexity.

Ave Maria Big-Haul contains:
5 x Ave Maria Reconquista (7.0"x54)
5 x Ave Maria Immaculata Toro (6.0"x60)
5 x Ave Maria Divinia (6.0"x54)
5 x Ave Maria Lionheart Chancellor (5.9"x60)
5 x Ave Maria Crusader (5.0"x52)
5 x Ave Maria Argentum Morning Star (5.0"x58)
1 x Ave Maria Morning Star (5.0"x58)
1 x Ave Maria Reconquista Morning Star (5.0"x58)
1 x Ave Maria Immaculata Morning Star (5.0"x58)
1 x Ave Maria Argentum Morning Star (5.0"x58)
1 x Ave Maria Divinia Morning Star (5.0"x58)

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Ave Maria Big-Haul Sampler
35 Cigars
$432.23 | save $292.24 | 68% off
In Stock
In Stock
$432.23 | save $292.24 | 68% off

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